At Pioneer, we partner to deliver Value. Our key partners include the General Contractor, Architect, and Owner. As partners, we work together, as a team, collaborating to design and deliver the most compelling exterior façade to meet the owner’s needs and desires. We strive to develop these partnerships early in a project lifecycle to take advantage of all the benefits associated with strong teamwork.

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General Contractor

As one of the nation’s premier glazing contractors, we’ve had the opportunity to partner with many General Contractors. What do they tell us about ourselves? We own a project from beginning to end. We contribute creative ideas early in the project to add value to the structure. Our value engineering orientation allows us to meet design intent while managing a budget. We plan, we schedule, and then we execute to meet our project commitments. We wear the “Project Hat” and not the “Sub-Contractor Hat” pursuing the best interest of the entire project and not our own narrow agenda. Finally, we’re a true partner that collaborates, does what we say we will do, and delivers an exceptional façade – on time, every time.


Pioneer’s designers have worked with architects in IPD, Design-Assist, or traditional Design-Bid-Build projects. Our expertise in curtain wall and exterior facades is a strong complement to an architect’s creative and design skillsets. The architect provides the overall design concept and intent. Pioneer’s design team fills in the details helping to realize both the aesthetic and functional performance aspects of the architect’s design. Our collaborative approach allows us to seamlessly integrate into the design process to accelerate, refine, and perfect the final design. We also bring a value engineering orientation that facilitates product selection and budget management all aimed at efficiently achieving the owner’s and architect’s project goals.


Owners are the true customers of a construction project and their needs are as unique as the myriad of architectural options available to them. Pioneer specializes in custom curtain wall and exterior facades. In other words, we design and build façade systems to meet your specific requirements whether those be aesthetic, performance, or a combination of both. We begin by listening to understand your goals. Then, we collaborate with you, the architect, and others to design and engineer the façade system. Finally, we execute to build and install the high quality, custom façade, meeting our schedule and budget commitments – on time every time.


Innovative Design and Engineering

A construction project begins with a vision that unfolds into detailed plans and specs. Our D&E services span the design lifecycle allowing us to engage as early as the conceptual vision or at any point to detailed shop and fabrication drawings. Ideally, we desire to partner early, contributing our aesthetic and technical expertise along with a value engineering mindset, to design the best custom façade to meet an Owner’s requirements.

Comprehensive Planning and Scheduling

Most contractors schedule projects. Pioneer plans and schedules the entire company. From our engineering resource plan to our shop capacity planning model to our individual project schedules, Pioneer orchestrates all our resources to meet customer requirements. This level of planning ensures that we have the capacity to meet all our commitments and deliver on all our promises.

Quality Manufacturing and Products

Pioneer manufactures the facades it installs. This process begins with the highest quality parts and components, sourced from our supplier partner network and then transforms them into finished units in our lean, fabricate-to-order manufacturing facility. Our root-cause driven quality program ensures that quality is built into the process resulting in the highest quality end products, ready for installation.

Safe, Cost-Effective Installation and Delivery

The Pioneer safety program, combined with means and methods refined over years of successful façade installations, allow us to meet and exceed an owner’s expectations and safely deliver on the quality, schedule, and budget promises made at the outset … on time – every time. Pioneer stands by our commitment to be the most cost-effective contractor, delivering the best overall value to the Owner and General Contractor.